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Product Name: *VEE-Grow | Toys Galaxy Swing Magic Car, Toy Car, Toy, Baby Toys, Toys for Kids, Kids Toys for Boys I Toys for 1 + Year Old boy Weight Capacity 20 Kg, Red*

Material: Plastic

Type: Car

Assembly Required: Yes

Net Quantity (N): 1

About this item Safety Certified to make the riding time safest for your child with BPA Free Plastic and designed for a safe ride with a smooth corner finish. PU Wheels - PU Wheels for a smooth ride. Swing car/ Twister can be used indoors too as it will not leave any mark on floors due to high-quality PU Wheels. The front-wheel will not touch the ground Smooth and Fast Ride – Used bearing for fast ride and ultra smooth experience while riding. No pedals, no gears, no electricity Strongest among all - Made with high-quality plastic with high strength that it can bear a load of adults too. Twister / Swing Car / Magic car has load capacity bearing up to 20kg. Product Size: 70 x 30 x 35 cm, Sales Package: 1 Musical Baby Galaxy Swing/Twister Car Easy to ride - smooth, quiet, and simple to ride for a young child. Simply just twist, wiggle, and go!

Country of Origin: India

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Wonderful Kids Magic Car

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